Saturday, July 11, 2009

Time Out

These are a few pictures I had of my kids in time out! I just thought they would be fun to share~

This first one was just the other day. Alivia had been struggling this day and had actually visited time out a few times. I was to my limit when I found that she had got out Mitch's wet paint brushes and painted over our new primed wall with the brown paint. It wasn't as bad as it seemed at first I think she had just pushed my final buttons so I blew. I wouldn't let her move from time out til Mitch got home so she was there for about 5-10 min. I went upstairs to check on Austin. When Mitch got home I yelled down that Alivia needed to tell him something and he said she was asleep. Needless to say by the time she woke up we got over it and she was let free. Good idea on her part!!!
The next picture was taken when the dads were in charge. I think I was at work and Jessie (Kamryn's mom) was at a church function! Anyhow it was a text I recieved saying "we are all in time out for taking out all of the wipes! As you can tell they were punished harshly. I have a slight feeling that Austin didn't last 2 seconds after the picture was taken and I am sure the girls followed in tow!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kristina and Grayson

Aunt Kristina and Grayson are moving to Nebraska to be with Uncle Cody!!! We sure are going to miss them! We normally see Grayson and Kristina daily so it sure will be a change. It hasn't set in yet, but I know Alivia is going to start missing them soon!! She loved having Grayson around and she loved taking care of him. She also loved her Tinnie--can't wait til they come home to visit or maybe we will have to take a vacation to go visit her.

Here are the cousins (missing: sophia) hanging out eating pizza after playing all day at Adriennes.We got them together again Thursday before Tinnie left. It will be crazy to see how Grayson will change not seeing him everyday!

Adrienne, Me and Tinnie
The LAST lunch! We went to Pizza before Kristina Cody and Grayson hit the road.

Whats been happening here!

Well it has been a long while since I have posted so of course this is going to be post overload so I can get caught up and sleep at night!!!

It has been raining a lot her. That hasn't stopped Alivia though. She loves to be outside and thanks to Grandma Letty for getting her a rain coat --she has been able to play outside rain or shine.
Austin has learned to walk. Took his first step on Fathers' day! Itwas priceless I promise to get a picture/video on here soon.

I am still working in the ER every other weekend night graveyards. I also took a new job at PA clinic just to fill in and help out when needed.

Mitch is just hanging out fixin odds and ends around the house and working. I would tell you more about what he does at work, but I will leave that to him.

Well enjoy the following posts! They go in order of starting with the most recent so sorry you will have to go backwards.

Sorry bout the underline couldn't get it off!

1st Dance Recital

Alivia and Kamryn (Alivia's best friend) had their first dance recital. They did so well. However the video did not turn out so well. This dance had been a year coming and I was so excited to see it come together they had so much fun!!!

And there they go off to grow up!!!

Disneyland Pictures

Yeah--It's been a couple months but here our the pictures from Disneyland. I am soooo sorry it took so long. Also one more problem they are in order backwards. So you may just want to use the links on the right side to look at each day individually.

Day #4 Characters Breakfast

Alivia and I in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. This day we were able to wake up early and go to the park before it opened. We were also able to eat breakfast with the characters. The kids thought it was pretty neat. Alivia was able to get her autograph book filled up with a picture to go with each name.

I love Austin in this one... he was not very fond of any of the characters
Although he didn't mind the fairy godmother.

Mitch and Rick were just as excited to meet and take pictures with the characters.

I think this one looks like tigger and her our dancing

We had Chip (or Dale not sure which one) sneak up behind Austin for a picture!
On the story book boat.
After the character breakfast and a few rides we headed over to Newport beach. It was a lot of fun. But I forgot the camera. So hopefully Adrienne or Rick can email some pictures and I will get them posted.

Disneyland Day #3

We started this day by being greeted by Alice at the Main entrance. Alivia was excited to meet any character, but she had no idea who Alice was. Either way she went up and talked with her got her first autograph and took a picture. Now when she see's this picture she thinks it is Cinderella not dressed up for the ball.

For the first part of the day we headed over to Toon Town where we were able to meet Mickey and Minnie!

For dinner we ate at Woody's Ranch. It was a little spendy but good food and fun!

This picture is my favorite from this whole trip!
We stayed late this night to watch the fireworks. It was really neat they had Tinkerbell fly from the matterhorn to Sleeping beauty's castle. Alivia was amazed. How neat would it have been to be a child in this situation. She saw Tinkerbell flying in the sky.

A pretty good picture (if I may say so myself...I actually took this from Adriennes pictures)Thats it for Day 3

Disneyland Day #2

Day #2 -- We headed over to the park around 9 am. I would have to say this was the warmest day that we were there. It was probably the busiest too. Although we didn't start to use the fast pass til after this day so that could be why......

First thing everyone (but Letty and I) rode on the fire truck from the main entrance to the center of the park. We stayed behind to push the bus (our double stroller).

Here are Alivia and Connor with the driver

Then we headed over to the Buzz Lightyear ride. This ride was fun. We all were able to go on it.

Then it was off to Autotopia. Alivia was even able to drive her own car. Although I didn't get a picture of it. Here is Rick and Mitch!

Letty was fulfilling her grandmother duties and stayed behind with Austin so we could all ride.
Here is Alivia with her first set of ears!!!
This was the best picture we could get with Buzz. He was a hard guy to catch!
Then we headed over to the submarine ride. It was pretty neat.
Then to Matterhorn. Believe it or not Alivia loved it and we went on it two times just for her.

After Matterhorn we went to Small world.Then to Dumbo. This isn't really the kids on the ride. It was too fast to get a good picture of us.

We did the tea cups too! Austin loved it!

I was getting a little sick from the spinning rides so Letty took Austin and Liv on the carousel.
Thats all for today--see you later.