Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Well Easter has come and gone!!! I can't say it was the most exciting here. I was a little lazy this year and decided since Alivia was still so young I would for go all the basket and candy. We will do that next year. We didn't even dye eggs. The poor Easter Bunny was probably not very happy with us. We did however go to our Ward's neighborhood Easter Breakfast and Egg hunt.

Alivia did fairly well coming out with about 8 eggs. She was a little more fasicnated with swings and the slide rather than actually picking up Easter Eggs. It didn't help that it was freezing outside.

The next day we attended our friends ward so we could be there for their baby's blessing and we enjoyed the Easter Program there choir had prepared.

We tried to get some pictures of Alivia in her Easter dress, but she is not much for standing (or sitting still) for picture time anymore. She will stay long enough to say "CHEESE" and if you didn't get what you wanted -- oh well your loss.

All in all it went quite fast and I am sad it is over. But looking forward to whats still to come.

Our own Blog!

So bear with me this page will be under construction for awhile till I figure out all the gidgets and gadgets of having my own blog. I decided to start our own blog for my family and Mitch's to check up on as much as they want -- and to post all our pictures without taking up Mitch's cousin's whole page. So I will just start with our first posting Easter!!!! Enjoy!!