Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cherry Springs

Saturday we went up to Cherry Springs for a picnic and to take some pictures of the kids since it is such a pretty time of year there. Here are only a few of the pictures we took!

Alivia Gizmo and Austin

Adriennes kids -- Hailey, Abby and Conner.

I accidently cut the picture of Grayson. I can't find it of him on the bench. But Adrienne has it saved to her computer so I will get it.

Here are all the cousin--
Alivia (3), Hailey(9), Austin (18 months), Abby (8), Connor (5) and Grayson(9 months)
*This picture is missing little Sophia--so it is not ALL the grandkids!
Even Gizmo went along for the walk--He was a good sport!
Here they are again
The girlies!!
The "high maintance" boys!
Here are the photographers!
Austin with his walking stick! He threw the biggest fit when we took it away!
All in all it was a really fun day!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Teanie's HERE!

Mitch's little sister moved to Nebraska a while back. Well she was home sick so we decided it was time for her to drive home and suprise everyone with a visit. So Saturday night she hopped in her car around 9 pm and ventured out on a 13 hr drive with her 9 month old baby Grayson. I was working the graveyard that night so she called frequently to check in. She stopped and got a hotel for a couple hours to sleep then finished the drive and arrived in Pocatello Sunday afternoon.

We all headed over to Cindy's after Kristina arrived. Kristina waited outside and I went in with Grayson. Cindy didn't notice at first that I was holding him. She was cooking dinner. So I kept talking to her trying to get her to look at me. Finally I just had to come out and say---Did you notice who I am holding. Then she looked and was overwhelmed with emoition. She was so excited she cried. It was pretty heartwarming. I was pretty proud that Kristina and I actually kept the secret since we are the two that usually spill the beans first.

Here are a few pics from us hanging out tonight!!!

Cousins reunited. Austin loves having Grayson around!

Used Bike+Used Trailer=New Fun

This bike was hanging out in Mitch's mom shed. So he asked if he could use it. A year ago a friend of mine from work gave me this trailer~we have never used it cause we hadn't had a bike. Now that we do....

We have two happy happy kids! They love to go on bike rides now!!! It has become a fun thing to do with dad when mom is at work. Mom has not yet braved the bike with a trailer yet. Soon though I hope!

Tag Team

Fair Time

Of course we did the annual Eastern Idaho State Fair. Mitch tries to yearly get out of it but he fails every year!
Here are a few pictures of our time there. I didn't take too many!!

Aunt Sequoia was so good to ride rides with liv. In the picture below you can't see but Alivia is sitting next to Sequoia. Poor Sequoia this ride was never ending.Austin didn't enjoy it too much since he was strapped down in the stroller the whole time.

He got pretty impatient by the end of the day and was ready to go to bed!!!

Thats all for our fair experience for this year!

Papa Rick and Letty came to town

Papa Rick and Letty came and spent the day with Liv and Austin while mom worked an extra shift in the ER. They were a lot of fun --we wish they lived closer!

During this day we went to the park, old McDonalds for lunch then to the Blackfoot swimming pool to swim. And somehow during all this fun Letty managed to clean the house so mom and dad had a nice clean house to come home too!!! It was wonderful for all.

Then we ended the night at Chillis Fajita night!! Here are some silly pictures Liv took while we were eating.

Letty thinking hard!!!
Papa Rick being silly for the camera!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Rosa................Rooooooosaaaaaaa.?.?.?.?.......... I think it's time to update the blog again. I don't want people to think that all we do is work and pay bills and sleep and not do anything fun anymore. I'm sure you can come up with something, right???

hugs and kisses,


Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Patriots Day!

8 Years ago today.....
~~ A day we will always remeber ~~
A special thanks to those who serve our country and their families! We are forever grateful!!!