Saturday, November 19, 2011

Liv's first dance competition

Liv had her first competition! Her class wasn't actually competing like the older girls were!! Everyone her age got a trophy!!
Liv before her dance
Getting lined up with the other little dancers!! This was the first performance where Liv just went right to her group and wasn't nervous!
Afterwards, she was pretty proud of her trophy!!
I posted the videos on face book -- I was having problems posting them on here.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Summer/Fall Catch up Pictures

Here is a little catch up to our summer and fall -- I am hoping to try and keep up more on the blog -- I need to get a better camera for one! But any who here you go!!
Here are some photos from Halloween I am horrible and didn't take any pictures of the kids in their costumes. During the day we went to Liv's school for her Halloween party and then we went Trick or Treating with the Schiffman's that night.

We went to the fair. Alivia actually performed for dance and we have video of it but can't get it off our camera. So hopefully soon!

We spent 4th of July's at my moms. It's close to the big show!
Alivia's friend Mya spent the night with us!
 Austin enjoyed playing with sparklers
Austin also has taken a love to the game of baseball. He loves his mitt and he loves the movie the Sandlot
 Austin watching the tractors working all summer and fall! 
One day I couldn't find him anywhere, I didn't think to look in the driveway -- he was just standing on Mitch's trailer watching the tractor!
 We cleaned out a lot of old boxes that had been packed for quite awhile. This used to be my doll when I was younger I took this doll everywhere with me. Alivia has now taken over. She sleeps with Stephanie (my doll) every night. Alivia says that it makes her fell safe!

We were able to visit Shoshone Falls which was pretty cool! The kids loved it! 
Alivia loved hiking everywhere! Austin liked to be carried!!
 Papa Rick and Letty joined us!!
 Alivia had her first session of swim lessons!! She really enjoyed it and did really well.

Monday, November 7, 2011

New House Pictures (finally I know....)

 Well I know this is way overdue since it has almost been 6 months since we moved but here are some pictures of our new house!!
Master Bed/Master Bath

 Kitchen/Dining Room

 Fun Features:
The COOLEST trash can ever!!!
 This window is probably one of the main reasons I wanted this house!
 Pantry/Laundry Room
 Living Room