Friday, July 2, 2010


I was the big 26! Although it wasn't the greatest....I woke up so sick a little bit of allergies mixed with a bad cold, I got really annoyed with the humidty, mitch had to work, my family was out of town, went and got a shot in hopes of clearing up my overwhelming allergies, took a nap with Austin, went to work for the night.

is a new day I decided today is going to be my psuedo birthday in hopes that it will go a little better! I am still fairly congested but not near as bad as I was, I will in deed be sleep deprived but nothing that a fun day at the pool can't wash away! I will go to dinner with my cousin and laugh. I will spend the day with family and be glad that 26 years ago I was born.
Some pictures of my greatest accomplishments!

26 fun facts about me.... (you may or may not know)

1. I constantly forget how old I am (I was convinced I was turning 27 for the past 2 days and was feeling a little depressed that I would soon be 30)
2. I love my sleep -- I feel daily naps are a necessity!
3. As much as I love sleep I love working graveyards
4. My kids remind me daily about how lucky I am to have them
5. I want to be organized, crafty, a baker, a housekeeper but have know to desire to actually put forth the effort to accomplish it.
6. I love to make list and let them stack up
7. I love to look at old list and laugh at the fact that I really thought I was going to accomplish its content
8. I love to be around people A LOT
9. I like hosting dinners, parties, lunchs, play dates (mitch not so much)
10. I like to plan trips down to every last detail and dime (my family gets very annoyed with me)
11. I hate gossiping but find myself feeding into tempation of it often
12. hate holding or seeing people hold grudges
13. forgive easy and quickly
14. love meeting new people and making new friendships
15. try to not judge
16. love holidays -- not sure I can pick a favorite. A holiday is cause for a party with lots of people
17. love that my mom has been so kind to house us for almost year
18. like to change my mind
19. get really hyper when I drink rockstars (just found that out)
20. love that my husband is able to handle me constantly changing my mind
21. is looking forward to decorating and redecorating my new house
22. I am very content with life right now and don't want a lot of change in that aspect(except my own house would be kind of nice)
23. never took any pictures after Austin was born due to the fact my blood vessels popped in my face and I was mortified.
24. I like neutral colors
25. I just started liking jewlery about 3 months ago
26. I am really glad I am only 26 and not 27 cause coming up with 26 things was hard enough!