Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Alivia Marie Sherman

The morning of January 16 I got off work and went up stairs to labor and delivery for my routine stress test. I got all hooked up and starting drinking ice water and settled in for my 1/2 hour of monitoring. Towards the end the nurse came in and said I was contracting and Dr. Dyer was rounding if I wanted she would see if he would induce me today!! Well be 38 weeks pregnant that sounded like a dream. 
So I said yes and so did he!!

I called Mitch who was still home sleeping since it was a holiday! He came up and met me and we got settled in to our suite. We watched TV and I rested since I had worked all night. I really hadn't felt much pain at this point. I was excited to meet my little babe!!

The doctor came in around 10 and broke my water which got things started and guess what I didn't have to have Pitocin thanks to that. (I had it with Austin and I about died with the intensity of my contractions. Around 2 the nurse came in and said I could have an epidural. I was excited I still really hadn't felt anything but decided might as well stay ahead of the pain. So in went the epidural and nap time! It was the best sleep ever. The day progressed and so did I. I don't want to brag but can I say the easiest delivery ever!! The only way I knew I was having a contraction was by watching the monitor. 

The CRNA that did my epidural did an amazing job! (I was numb from my abd to my thighs and that was it. My first delivery with McKay I was numb from my neck to my feet and I was miserable). Anyhow it was great! We had visitors and we rested and waited! Finally at 6:30 it was time to push. Everything was set up and I started pushing. Liv didn't want to come out at first. They tried the vacuum suction but she had too much hair -- they finally told me I either had to push her out or I was going in for a C Section (my fear). I had developed a fever at that point and there were some issues with Liv's heart rate. So I pushed with all my might and at 7:15 Alivia Marie Sherman was born. She weighed 8 lbs 3 oz (for 2 weeks early thats good size) she was 21 inches long. She had tons of hair. 
Due to my fever and her heart rate Liv was taken away for a few hours to the NICU. Daddy went with her and it wasn't too long before she was cleaned up and in my room so I could hold her. It was amazing. I hadn't slept in over 24 hours but I didn't care I was in love and wide awake. Brandon and Noel, Rick and Letty, Grandma Tami, Grandma Cindy, Aunt Kristina were the first to visit us and meet Alivia. All in all it was an amazing delivery!! 

And now the little baby is 7. She is growing ever so fast. She is an amazing student. She loves to smile. She is quiet and shy, but she does get excited every now and then. She has sweet tooth. She LOVES Justin Bieber. She is a beautiful dancer and a great gymnast. She is a friend to all (animals included). As much as he drives her crazy she loves to take care of and entertain her little brother. She HATES to clean her room, but likes to clean the bathroom. She is everything you could want in a daughter!

Can't wait to see what she will accomplish in life!! We love her so much!! 

* I need to add more pictures to this post but it is late and I am tired and I wanted to post this before Liv's birthday is over.