Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Austin

We had Austin's party at Craigo's this year! I didn't want to deal with all the clean up so it was just easier. We had both our families there and had a really good time!!
His new basketball hoop and ball
Opening his gifts:

Here are the guest from the party:Papa Doug and Grandma Cindy-
Below Grandma Cindy and Grayson
Papa Rick and Grandma Letty even came!
Kamryn, Conner and Alivia (and the back of Adrienne)

Sequoia, Kelly, Daddy, Jessie, Cooper (Justin's friend) and Justin

Cake Time!!!!

The classic three generation pictures!
Our family!!!

1 Year!

One Year Ago ...
Austin 2 days and Alexis 1 day....
Today Austin and Alexis ONE Years old!

Easter Egg Hunt with Friends

This year we decided to get together with our friends the Monday after Easter to have an egg hunt and BBQ! It was a good idea and a lot fun!!!!
Here are the kids enjoying dinner!
In the back to the right...Carter, Kylie, Gavin, Alivia and Kamryn!
Down below: Austin

The girls jumping off the couch into the pool of pillows!The Hunt....

Kam and Alivia enjoying there candy after hunting for eggs!

And Carter the lucky winner of the $1.00 egg!

We tried to get a picture of all the kids but they were so wired and would not still this was the best we got--Gavin is missing- (L to R) Kylie, Kamryn, Liv, Carter and Austin!

Easter/Bear Lake

Here are some overdue pictures from our trip to Bear Lake and Beaver Mountain for Mitch's last race of the season!Here is Papa Rick who helped make Mitch's race season possible!
Here is Papa Rick taking care of Austin(Alivia is taking these pictures)!
This is Jessica --Mitch's friend Brian's fiance!
Alivia sledding down the hill between races!
The kids and I hanging out in the snow!
After the races we went back to our condo and died Easter Eggs!
We had a fun weekend away as a family---after dying eggs we went swimming for an hour and then we all fell asleep early and slept in--it was a good catch up!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Year in the "CHAIR"

It has become a habit to take a picture in the chair of the kids I thought it would be fun to look back over the year at how Austin (and Alivia) have changed!! The first one is about a week after we brought Austin home--It was actually one of the first time Alivia held Austin willingly!

August 2008September 2008October 2008November 2008December 2008"My Favorite"
January 2009 February 2009March 2009And today --April 14 2009
We love you Austin so much!!! You are such an asset to our family it wouldn't be complete without you! Your sisters loves having a playmate whenever she wants (even though sometimes you may not want it) You are such a good sport about anything! For the most part you just go with the flow--however no one NO ONE is allowed to eat in front of you without sharing!! WE LOVE YOUR SMILE, YOUR EYES, YOUR 2 TEETH, YOUR CURLY HAIR! I can't wait for this next year--I am sure we will have some challenges but nothing that isn't worth it!!