Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Guess where I am going tonight....

It's kind of blurry but did you notice it is not the midnight showing it is actually a 9 pm showing -- I am so special I know!!!! Happy Birthday to me!!!
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Big Boy

I swore I would not put Austin in a real bed til he could crawl out of his crib. Well I didn't wait that long. We had tried a few other times to put him in a big boy bed, but he just wasn't ready. Then last week I was cleaning there room up and I took the railing off the crib and decided to try again. The only difference was this time I was going to be at work when he went to bed and Mitch would have to do it all. I kind of worried but figured it he wasn't ready Mitch would just put the railing back up and put him in the crib. Well I called him at around 10 to see how it went and he said Austin only got up 2 times. After the 2nd time Mitch told him that he needed to go to bed no more getting up. Put him back in bed and never saw him again. So I got a little teary eyed when he told me that and I made him go take a picture of him. I was thinking he would be on the floor or playing with something he shouldn't be, but nope he was snug in his bed! Really, why am I crying he stayed. And he has stayed for a week now. We have not had any problems with putting him to bed. This little (big) guy is growing up so fast. I remember telling people last month how I was kind of worried because he doesn't talk. Well I guess the lord blessed him because now he doesn't stop talking. I have to tell him no more talking, I sometimes just need a break from his manly baby voice! I love him so much, he has such a special spirit about him. It is so hard to get mad and stay mad at him. Ask any aunt, babysitter, grandma -- He gets this cute little smirk, when you tell him not to do something or explain what he did wrong he simply says "oh" -- Really oh --- Come on!
I could seriously go on and on about him, but I will stop! Good night!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yes I did....Alivia now has a body perm! I was born with natural curly hair. I hate it, but love it! Alivia was born with naturally strait hair! Not a huge fan of that! She loves her hair curly so I will usually braid it after a bath! We will gel it the next day then an hour later it is strait again! So my best friend Noel is a hair dresser and she suggested we try a body perm! So now Alivia's hair is curly! The first thing she said was now I look like Teenie (her Aunt)!
My favorite part -- Noel washing her hair! I wish Noel would wash my hair every day it feels so good!

She watched Toy Story while she had her hair done -it entertained her for the most part but it was a long process and she did get a little frustrated in the end!

Suckers make everything better! Noel always has them on hand even if she says they are all gone!
The finish....She was so irritated with us by this time she didn't want Noel to style her hair! She just wanted to go and play with Carter.

She really loves her curly hair! I like it too, just sick of this no washing period. It bugs me not being able to wash her hair.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bath Time Fun

The kids love taking baths at Grandma Cindy's after Sunday dinner. Here are some pics she sent me!!!

You have to look at the reactions on the boys faces to Liv's silliness! Its almost like they were thinking who let her in here?!?!?!?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Alivia's 1st Horse Ride

For fathers day we went to Blackfoot to visit my grandpa's! It was a lot of fun. We bbq'd and just enjoyed being around all of our family. On our way home we stopped at papa mike's and Alivia ended up going on her first horse ride. She was grinning from ear to ear, she was so excited. She was a little hesitant at first, she walked out to pet the horse and Mike lifted her up, neither of us expected a ride. Luckily I had a camera in the car to capture the moment.

Here is Alivia with Midnight.

Here she is getting to know the horse a little

Alivia and Papa Mike

So I can't get the stupid video to post. So I will do it seperate later. Mitch says its to big to do through the blog so I put it on you tube. But now what????


Ross Park

Mitch's sisters and I decided to take the kids to the pool since it was supposed to be 80's and mostly sunny all day. Not sure why we thought the weather man knew what he was talking about. After being there for a couple hours, the lightening set in and it rained us out, so we went home and bbq'd then tried again and went for evening at the pool.

Austin and Grayson -- Spent most there time in the kiddy pool and enjoyed it ... all though you can't really tell by the look on Grayson's face

I love this picture of Grayson and Austin. It looks like Austin is tell Grayson a good story! Wish I knew what they were saying!

Kristina, the girls and I decided to get slide passes, right after we bought them the lightening alarm sounded and they closed the pool. We went back at 5 that evening when they reopened it so it worked out ok.

Hailey, Abby and Kristina waiting in line for the slide!

Connor enjoying the water!
The good thing about going back later is Connor and Alivia decided to brave it and go down the slide too. There was a video but it was taking way to long to load!

All in all it was a pretty fun day and we are hoping we will get more sunshine as this summer continues!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

mice mice and mice

Well we have had some little friends visiting in our house. They were not invited nor are they welcome.

Doesn't this picture make your skin crawl ---

I first saw the furry little creature last week after a yard sale. It ran across Liv and Austin's room. I HATE HATE MICE! I closed down the whole basement and locked the cat down there it took me a while before I would even open the door. Well no luck!

Then the on Monday I was watching my DVR episodes after the kids went to bed it was about 11 pm. Well here comes the furry little creature and it ran across the living room. My stomach curled, i broke out in a cold sweat and was so scared. YES THAT SCARED! I DO NOT LIKE MICE! So I got the mouse to stay back by our door to the garge and set up this baracade:

Then I pushed forward the front of my original baricade and propped the door open with the laundry basket:

It took him a minute to run out. He played peek a boo with me a few times. I am pretty sure my heart was racing -- I kept praying over and over again and sure enough he finally ran out.

Ahhh -- finally and guess what it was now 1 AM and I still haven't watched my shows. I called Mitch who was out of town to tell him about my adventures and he thought that was pretty ambitious. Well I wasn't going to sleep knowing he was crawling around and it was wasn't like Giz was going to be any help:

Just in case after I went down to my bed I blocked the door. I had to get some sleep.

Well two mornings later Mitch was doing Liv's hair for Gym and I had just laid down to get a couple of hours in before Austin was up. Then I hear Liv shreik that she saw a mouse. Not really shriek with fear more with excitement. Here is a picture with the real mice catchers. I cannot believe Mitch got them to sit for this picture. They are not my kids. I would have been a mile a way had I been there -- ugh!