Friday, March 26, 2010

Deven Clark Trahant

Deven was a cousin of mine. Yesterday afternoon he left this earth to return to his heavenly home. He was only 16 and was way to young too go. Our family is left with lots of unanswered questions and a billion why's?
I remember Deven as a fun little boy. Him and my brother were the same age. I was ten years older so they were kind of annoying to me the teenager. But I would give anything to be annoyed by him again. We were neighbors for many years and although there was an age gap between us I truly did love this kid. I will miss his little smirk he had on his face when he walked into a room. I will miss his willingness to help at the drop of dime. He was such a great help to my Grandpa. He would do anything and everything to him.
As a family we are coping as well as we can right now. There really are no words to express my feelings at this moment rather than shock. I feel like I am having a bad dream and just want to wake up already. I am sure with time the void I am feeling will slowly fade although he will never be forgotten.
I pray strongly for his mom Amy, Dad Scott, step mom Margo and his brother Josh and sister Nicole and also for my grandpa who has lost his best friend that they may have strength to get through this traumatic time.
Deven we love you and our family will miss you!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Austin, Austin, Austin

A common phrase heard in our house is "Austin, what are we going to do with you?" I realized how common it was when I constantly hear Alivia saying also. Here are some reasons why we are not quite sure what to do with him.

He climbs onto the counter gets a cup out of the cupboard and attempts to get his own drink. Although once he gets to the sink he decides its more fun to play with the dishes and dump water back and forth.
He is actually saying "CHEESE" in this picture! He thought he was pretty cute. This was the first time he had pulled this stunt. This was after the doctors check up. The doctor had grape tounge depressors. Austin thought it was just as good as candy. So much so that when he recieved his real sucker he couldn't decide between the two and just decided to go with both.
This was another time that I was up getting ready in the bathroom. I looked over to check on them cause it was quiet. Liv was doing her usually playing on the computer, Austin was sneaking into the cereal cupboard and quietly eating a second breakfast! Austin has a new rule that he only gets his "baby" (aka binky) at nap/bed time. Sometimes he struggles with that, but he found a new solution. After getting dressed he was playing with his golf ball and kept saying bed. I really had no idea what he meant. I finally put him in his bed and then he asked for his baby. I just laughed and gave it to him. He played in there for about 20 min and then wanted out. I didn't even have to ask he put his baby on the dresser and went about his day.
This one was while we were getting ready in the morning. I went to go get Alivia and came back and Austin was in the bath. Maybe it was hint I don't know but it entertained him for a good while so i could finish getting myself and Liv ready!

So there that is why we often say "Austin, what are we going to do with you" ----We love this little boy and I cannot believe he is going to 2 next month. He has the sweetest spirit and now that we got rid of the binky he talking up a storm. He is so cute I could hug and kiss him all day -- but he won't let me do that! Well hope you enjoyed the pics!