Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a MESS!!!!

Below is a detailed email mitch just sent to Verizon. Let me just say what a mess. It is quite boring and really probably won't mean much to you if bother to read it -- but I was impressed with how organized mitch was with this email and kudos to him. I really hope we get this figured out. On top of the mess below for the last 2 1/2 months Verizon has been charging for two seperate phone plans so we paid $60 for each phone -AHHHHHH! It is so frustrating and nobody knows what they are doing!!!

This email should target only the discrepency of the reverse transaction. All other account discrepencies have been resolved at this point.
I don't want to beat a dead horse, but I need to know that all the right people working on this issue are on the same page. Below is an outline of the events leading up to needing to know what happened to the lost payment.
1. Verizon forwards May 09' balance of $122.84 to Qwest Combined Billing
2. Qwest submits May 09' payment of $122.84 to Verizon
3. Qwest bills customer (Mitch) May 09' billing statement for bundled charges totaling $227.20 (which includes Verizon balance of $122.84)
4. May 28 Verizon receives payment from Qwest for the $122.84 balance.
5. May 29 Customer (Mitch) un-enrolls Verizon from Qwest Bundled services, Verizon electronically reverses payment of $122.84 back to Qwest - Qwest does not show record of receiving reversed payment - Verizon can show proof of successful transaction??
6. Customer (Mitch) pays Qwest $230.00 on June 10, 2009 which satisfies all May balances to Qwest including Verizon Wireless ($122.84).
7. Qwest bills customer (Mitch) June 09' billing statement for bundled charges totaling $83.85 (does not include a Verizon balance)
8. Customer (Mitch) pays Qwest $84.00 on July 16, 2009 which satisfies all June balances to Qwest
9. Verizon forwards July 09' balance of $316.13 ( $122.84, $79.29, $114.00 )
10. Qwest submits July 09' payment of $316.13 to Verizon - (Qwest records indicating they have paid $122.84 twice )
11. Qwest bills customer (Mitch) July 09' billing statement for bundled charges totaling $448.56 ( Qwest is now billing the customer (Mitch) a second time for $122.84 - refer to item 6)

I (Mitch) am current 'to date' on my Verizon account due to all balances being forwarded to Qwest bundled services. To date I have made payments to Qwest of $135.00 and $100.00 in an attempt to satisfy any outstanding debts owed to Qwest (refer to item 11). Previous attempts had been made at the Pocatello Verizon store to rectify the discrepency to no avail. Also, I successfully (and finally) was able to transfer my phone to a business account with Brandon Ekstrom on Aug. 19, 2009. At the same time Brandon went out of his way to make sure emails were generated to the correct people about the situation. I was notified by the Pocatello Verizon store on Tues., Aug. 25 that the reverse transaction of $122.84 had been characterized as 'lost'. I recently came in contact with you (Reno) after my wife had discussed the issue, and have since then forwarded a detailed account summary dating back to May 28, 2009 showing that I have not received a credit for said amount at my financial institution.

In black and white it appears that Qwest has paid the balance of $122.84 twice with Verizon receiving the first payment on May 28, 2009 and reversing that payment electronically on May 29, 2009. The second payment being received by Verizon on June 29, 2009. I would suggest that a report be generated showing whether the reverse transaction between Verizon-to-Qwest for $122.84 on May 29, 2009 was completed successfully or unsuccessfully. Qwest and the customer (Mitch) show no record of a credit being received for $122.84 after May 28, 2009. As stated above I have made multiple payments to Qwest in order to satisfy any balance owed to Qwest (including item 6). My objective is to alleviate the amount of $122.84 from being regenerated and payed multiple times so that all accounts are cleared of any outstanding balances. It has been brought to my attention that this issue has created a high level of concern due to the relationship between Verizon and Qwest and also to keeping the customer at hand. Please make all attempts to clarify that a solution is being sought. Thanks for your time. I appreciate the recent effort that has been made on the part of Verizon.

Mitch Sherman - DirectorProject Mgmt. & ControlsDance Designs Inc.Bus: (208)637-1185Cell: (208)243-1210Fax: (208)
This email should target only the discrepency of the reverse transaction. All other account discrepencies have been resolved at this point.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bye Bye Curls.....

I had been meaning to trim Austins hair lately --It had been getting pretty long! I can't believe how his first haircut changed him from my little baby boy to my little toddler boy!

He is sooo handsome but is not my baby anymore!! Who knew that the curls made up so much of him!!