Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Mitchell

Happy Birthday to my Stud of a man! I am so happy I found the love of my life to spend eternity with. He really is such an amazing guy! I am so lucky to have him! He works so hard to make sure we have what we need. He is always willing to help with a smile (even if he doesn't always want to) and I bet if you asked he is one of the best Uncles there is!

He is such a good dad to the kids! They look up to so much. I couldn't ask for a better partner in raising them. He helps out a lot on entertaining them while I sleep or while I am at work. The kids had so much fun watching Mitch race at his last race. Alivia tells everyone her dads race number and Austin begs to watch his vroom vroom movies whenever he see's Mitch pull out the computer! They love him so much!
Hope you have a great birthday I know you have a lot of people who love and appreciate you almost just as much as we do!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Late Birthday Buddy

Wow I am so late on doing Austin's Birthday post! He turned 2 last month. I didn't really get excited. I am not ready for him to be two, but he is and he is changing so much. He is finally talking and he is so smart. He loves to mimic his sister. He is her little guinea pig she will instruct him on what to do and he listens. It amazing to watch him take direction. He doesn't say much but he sure does understand. He loves to dance. He has got some amazing moves. He is always makeing us laugh. I love every minute with him. He can drive me crazy but I am cherrishing all the moments good and bad. They just go to quickly. He greets me the same whether it has been 3 hours or 2 minutes. He acts as if I have been gone for an eternity nothing melts my heart like hearing him say Mommy with the cheesiest grin. He is very polite always quick to say Thank you. He loves his big sister and they have become best friends over the past two years. It has been so fun to watch their relationship grow. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past two years.