Friday, January 29, 2010

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Updates Coming Soon

...I promise.

The main reason for my lack of blogging is no camera. I just don't find our life that exciting unless I have pictures. I was also the kid in the class that would be more opt to read something if there were pictures attached. So that could explain why.

Go to Mitch's blog for his racing for an update there. He has some fun pictures from his last race.

So until I take a picture and have something to talk about (which will be soon I promise)!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Goodbye #3 Hello #4

Alivia's 4th birthday is only 1 day away. As today being her last day as a little 3 year old I am slightly saddened that my little girl is growing up.

Alivia is an ideal first child. She was very easy going on us. I don't really remember any hard times with her. Not to say that there wasn't just none that were burned into my mind. I don't remember diaper rashes, I don't remember her teething, I don't remember her keeping me up at night, I don't remember her terrible two's, I don't remember terrible three's either.

Here are some things though that I do want to remember about Alivia-

Ambition -

Alivia has ambition in all that she does. She is very indepenent. If she has set out to something such as put on her tights or play on the wii. She does not accept failure easily. She will get quite upset when she realizes she can't do something on her own. Although she will always figure out how to accomplish her goal at hand.

Loving -

Alivia is the most loving little girl. She is always willing to spare a hug to make someone feel better. She is constantly making sure her little brother is cared for. Constantly checking the monitor while he sleeps, giving him whatever he wants even if he has been told no. She loves to keep her arm around him as if to let him know that he is not alone and she will take care of him.

Intrigued -
Alivia is very intrigued about everything and anything. I have been addicted to Greys anatomy after a friend let me borrow the dvd's. Alivia too has watched faithfully with me. During any of the operations she wants to know exactly what they are doing and what is happening. If I get a phone call Alivia wants to know who it was and what was said. When she brings homework from pre school, she wants it explained and wants to know why it means what it means.

Laugh -
I yearn to hear Alivia's laugh. Her real laugh. It is a laugh that warms your heart. She is good at laughing to please, but she also has a laugh that is a 'wow that really makes me happy' laugh. It is rare and can be found by her dad making funny noises or jokes. Or during a really good tickle war (but she is very picky about these due to her bubble she has)

Alivia is so innocent. I love that about her. When she does something wrong it always an innocent act. The look on her face can tell you that. She gets this 'oh crap -- i don't think I was supposed to do that' look. She always means well. I can only pray that virtue is a life long quality that she always will have.

Aspire -

Alivia has a lot of aspirations at this time in her life, some are as follows: A volleyball player, A princess, A heart surgeon. We only hope that we can raise her to be whatever she dreams of being.

I will cherish this last day of year #3. It was a good year.

Happy Birthday Princess

4 years ago today, a princess joined our family and changed our lives forever....

She was beautiful, her dark head of hair and huge gorgeous dark eyes....

She had a smile that could touch millons and a heart as sweet as gold....

She was a very smart little princess and amazed her parents daily with her knowledge....

I still wonder what I did to deserve such an angel.

Happy 4th Birthday!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Liv's Birthday Month

It is officially Liv's birthday month -- we haven't been very organized this month but I am getting there. She made the playlist for this month! I am a little under the weather so when I get feeling better I will do a better post!