Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More House Update

The front of the house was moved onto the foundation yesterday -- today they will move the back!
Kristina and I snuck in and took some pictures of the kitchen -- I got a little excited for moving in after that!!

I will post more pictures soon as soon as we can really go in and get a good look~

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New arrival!

One step closer to country living!!! They will hopefully start things tomorrow or Monday, and we should be moving into it in about 3 weeks. Finally!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

This Dude is 3!!!

I am in a little bit of a denial of this little dude turning 3!! He's my baby and I want him to stay that way!! He is quite the character always trying to make us laugh!! If he see's that he can get you to smile or laugh he will keep doing whatever it is to entertain you -- even if it is naughty!! We love him though so much!! Liv is such a good sister to him and he always wants to be with her. He is her little shadow!! He love love loves sports. He can sit and watch sports center with his dad and uncle Justin and be just as entertained as them!! His new love and passion though is SNOWMOBILING!! You can bet his dad is loving it!! He has been on few rides with Mitch and gets so much excitment just talking about it!! We went to Mitch's race last weekend and he was in heaven!! Happy Birthday Austin -- my wonderful 3 year old (owh -- that hurt I hate saying he is 3) Maybe I will just say he is 36 months -- It sounds a little younger!!

This is Austin with his baby cousin Noah -- who he loves holding!! Anytime Noah is around that is all he wants to do is hold him!!!