Saturday, September 17, 2011


My sister Melissa and her Daughter Oni came to visit for a few weeks in August. We had a lot of fun having visitors at our new house. We don't see Melissa and Oni often since they live in California, but we try to take every opportunity we can to get together every few years!!  
Oni - 7 years old

Alivia and Oni with Sparky the fire dog.
Austin and his shoes. I guess I should just be happy that he is wearing some.
 While they were here we decided to go see Cinderella at Mystique. We took Kamryn with us.
Alivia did not want a picture with the step sisters for some reason.

After the play the girls went on stage and had their turn.

They also let them sit in the carriage but they had to do it one at a time.

Talking with the fairy godmother.

We actually almost didn't even get a picture with Cinderella but thanks to Oni, she stopped her on her way out.
Austin getting ready to ride the Quad (what the Californians called it) or teh 4 wheeler (which us Idahoans called it)
Waiting their turn

Oni and me on the 4 wheeler.
Austin and me -- He is a crazy driver.

The Giz
Melissa and Oni -- I think this the only picture I got of Melissa.

All the kids -- Don't worry we didn't let them take it out on their own.
Austin, Liv and I
Oni -- saying Peace out til next time.