Monday, December 22, 2008


This weekend we went to Bear Lake to sled, swim and relax!! It was a lot of fun! We went down on Friday and our friends the Schiffman's came down on Saturday!! Then we headed home late Sunday afternoon!! We all had so much fun we didn't want to leave!! It was a much needed vacation to end the year!!

Bathtime! Always funner when it is not at your own house!

Getting ready to go sledding for the first time!!! (Austin was snoozing)

Mitch pushing Alivia on the sled!
all the kids enjoying a sled ride down to the lodge to rent a movie~ Austin would not leave his hat on for the life of me!
Alivia playin in the pool
Austin in the pool! he loved the water -- he would of stayed in all night if we let him!
Gavin wearing the big boots
Austin --exploring the condo!
Alivia and Carter watching a movie
Austin taking a snoozer on the couch!
Mitch and Brandon playing a little game of poker!
Gavin ~ 2 years
Carter ~ 3 years (4 next month)
Alivia ~ 2 years (3 next month)
Austin ~ 8 months
Gavin, Alivia and Carter playing on the "choo choo"
Sequoia and Austin at Ruby Tuesday's!
Alivia holding baby Grayson!!!
Baby Grayson -- 3 weeks old
Here is Austin and his new cousin Grayson --I am so excited for them to grow up so close to each other!!! Austin is a little bigger -- I am sure Grayson will catch up in no time!!
PS I passed fall semester -- it got a little scary towards the end! I am officially a sophomore and after next semester will apply to the nursing program!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well Merry Christmas to all! I neglected to get Christmas cards done this year! It all went by way to fast. We are getting excited for Christmas to get here. Although we did have an oops along the way! Here are some fun pics of us decorating our tree! It was fun~ I had actually thought I wouldn't put a tree up this year since we were busy -- I guess I was just being a hum bug! I am really glad we put it up though and Alivia loves it! She rearranges the ornaments daily!
Here are the orntaments the kids (alivia) picked out for 2008! No that is not Austin in the frame but it is going to be -- I just need to get a picture printed.

Here is Alivia decorating the tree~ She thought this was so much fun!After we were done -- I got Mitch's train set out from when he was a kid. I thought it would be fun to put around the tree -- I don't know who was more excited Mitch or Alivia!!!

Oh yeah! Austin helped too!
Mitch looking goofy with the tree!
K Here is the oops!! Well I hid the Santa gift (pictured below) in the basement and guess who found it!! I couldn't believe she found it!! She was so excited -- she kept saying mom santa came and he brought my horse!! Oh well right at least she loves it and she thinks that santa thinks she is extra special and was extra good this year so he brought her one present early!!!

Well Happy Holidays from the Shermans!! Be safe and have fun!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Princess Tea Party

Two years ago was the first time I had heard about the Princess Tea Party!! Ever since then I have been so excited to take Alivia to it and now she is finally old enough to go!!! It was quite the night and we did everything we could to make Alivia feel like a princess!!!

After she primped we took lots of pictures!!! She looked so pretty!!!
Alivia looked beautiful thanks to her aunt teanie (Kristina) who came over and fixed her hair!As soon as Alivia's friend Kylie (snow white) arrived we were off to the Tea Party!!!
I did feel slightly under dressed! I was in my khakis and sweater!The rest of the mom's pulled out old prom dresses!! I now know and next year we will go all out!! They did do professional photo's at the party but we don't have them yet!!

This is who we actually went to the party with, but they had assigned seating so we didn't get to sit with them. Here is Alivia with her princess hat that she made and her magic princess wand!
Here is the wonderful meal that Alivia actually ate!!!

Here is the fairy godmother!! She was great!! Right before she would come out you would hear chimes and Alivia would get so excited!!

Here is Alivia posing with sleeping beauty. They had every princess you could think of there this was the only one we actually got a picture with!Here she is waiting, while mom waited in line for her to get her pictures taken. They had a bunch of little photo opportunities set up for you to do your own pictures!

Then to put the icing on the cake -- Alivia braved it out and went up on stage to get a picture with the fairy godmother all by herself!!All in all it was a night to remember and I am looking forward to next year!!!!