Monday, February 24, 2014

WHOA! Way to long!!!

I have not blogged for so long. I have no idea on where to start and don't really feel like back blogging for the past year so hers a small update and maybe in time I will catch everything else up!

Alivia is now 8. She is growing so fast into a young women. She is bright, kind, thoughtful and loves animals and babies. If there is a baby around you will bet she will be holding it. She loves dancing and gymnastics. She is doing really well at school and just started piano lessons. 

Austin is 5 almost 6 - He is an active little boy and most people describe him as "just being a boy" He loves to get into michief and is really good at using his cuteness and charm to get himself out of it. He loves racing snowmobiles with his dad and took 1st in 120 stock class and 2nd in the champ class at his first race a couple weeks ago. He loves baseball and golf and loves to be busy all the time!

I am still working at the hospital and going to school. I am hoping to be in a nursing program by next year. Mitch is just starting his race season is hoping for more snow soon so he can finish he is racing season. 

Here our some of the pictures from the past year:
My little sister and I - She is now at college at Washington State!

 Mitch finally built us a deck for our back door!! We love it and spent many evenings on it!

Austin took up golfing with his dad and grandma Tami!

Livi is becoming an amazing dancer!

Most of our summer was spent with our cousins swimming, watching scary movies, roasting marshmallows and the best of all going to Lagoon over and over!!


 Liv started the 2nd Grade

This fall I lost one of my best friends. It was so sad to say good bye but I know she is now in a better place and taking care of us -- that is why she is the best she was always taking care of us!

 Halloween 2013 -- was pretty fun! We spent it with the Schiffman's -- Liv and Carter even went around alone!

 We sent my little brother on a mission - He went to Torreon Mexico. He is doing so well and loves what he is doing. We miss him dearly but get emails weekly from him and know that he is doing what is best for him!

Thanksgiving in Vegas!!!

 Alivia was able to go to Justin Timberlake with me while we were in Vegas!

The kids on Christmas Eve
Alivia doing what she loves ... holding a baby!! She has a few she loves to hold -- Bridger, Layla and Chloe (who is pictured with her here)

Austin's awards for his first race of the season. 


Karen Mortensen said...

Glad you are back at it. Sounds like you are doing wonderful things with your family and friends.

cindyrella said...

Nice update!!