Friday, October 30, 2009

Our little Gymnist

Alivia has been doing dance and tumbling these last few months and she has finally conquered her bridge. She loves showing it off to everyone!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sleepy Boy....

What can I say...this guy makes me laugh even when he is sleeping!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

overdue pictures....

Well I know I am way behind on this post. Back in August we went to Long Beach with my family. My little sister had some volleyball camps at USC Long Beach so we got to go with her and have a little vacation! It was a lot of fun and we were worn out when we came home!! Here are some pictures from our trip!

Alivia collected a lot of sea shells on this trip

building a sandcastle...
Hasselhoff watch out --- you ain't got nothing on this.... (my little brother Justin)

so dramatic
What a STUD
Not my favorite pic of me but oh well....
Mitch and Alivia wading in the water!

Austin loved this wagon -- the only problem he didn't like the stuff in it. As we pulled him he would throw stuff out.
Mitch and Justin playing in the waves!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

GoOd NeWs....

Ok-- So I decided not to post anything about this whole endevor in hopes to not ginx it!! Well it is pretty much a done deal so I am going to go against my better judgement and post it -- If it falls through then it falls through.... Alright here it goes....
We have SOLD our HOUSE!!!!

I know -- weird huh! Most probably didn't know it was for sale

(unless you drove by and saw the sign in the yard)


Why? Don't really know. Felt like the right time. If you know me well I like change~I kind of like sudden change too~I don't really like to think about (cause then I might talk myself out of it) Although this was not my decsion on my own obvisouly. I think Mitch is just kind of like me just hides it a little better. I said Mitch lets put the house on the market -- We should give it 6 months and then take it off if nothing happens -- He says "ok" I know we are not a good pair when it comes to impulsive decisions. So we have a REALLY REALLY good friend who was more than willing to list it. And low and behold 4 months later SOLD.

So now what? Well I don't know -- why would you ask such a question. We didn't really think it would sale. Although our REALLY REALLY good friend told us it would. Our house is cute -- It has a special something (a special something I am going to miss). So yeah -- well now what -- well I still don't know! Luckily I have a great sister who with some begging and convincing has decided to give up her luscious 2 bedroom basement for her big sister and brother in law and favorite neice and nephew. In other words I guess we are moving back home to my wonderful mother who seems to always have an open door when we need it. Oh did I mention the wonderful in laws that live in Kimberly ID who have been gracious enough to take our dog til we figure out what to do (he doesn't get along well with the wonderful mothers cat)!

Here are some pictures of our beautiful house -- When I have more time I will do a blog totally devoted to our home and the memories we made there!!!

So once again -- NOW WHAT????? I DON'T KNOW -- But I guess that is the whole idea right!!!