Thursday, July 31, 2008

Feeling Better?!?!?

In reguards to my last post. I wish I could say my day got better but it didn't. Alivia pooped once again in the kitchen this time. It is official Apple Juice is no longer part of her diet. Then as I left for work the gum in my car melted (at least the car smelt good) as I searched for my gum in my purse I came across melted crayon all over. Mitch got home late so I saw him for about 5 minutes. Oh ya and then I had to go to work. I am glad that these days are not every day for me. I pretty good about making the best of my days and when things go bad I can change them fairly quickly today was just not one of these days. But when all is said and done here is what I have.
I have so much to be greatful for and one bad day is so worth it.
I had to throw this picture in it is of Alivia and her BFF Kamryn @ the pool last week.

Soap Box

Wow --Everyone I know is either at work, in a meeting or at girls camp. I need to vent so I turn to blog. Whoever told me that it gets easier with two kids boy did they have it all wrong. Or maybe I am doing something wrong. Alivia woke up at 3 am screaming (i assume bad dream). She got into bed with Mitch and I and fell back to sleep. I on the other tossed and turned all night wondering what could have scared her so badly. When I asked her what scared her this morning she had no clue. Austin wakes up at 7 as usual to eat. The only problem is he doesn't like to go right back to sleep so I usually let him lay in my bed to play and I go back to sleep when I wake up again he has usually fallen back asleep. Well since Alivia was in my bed this morning I had to lay in the living room with him. I made the mistake of turning on the tv. Austin fell back asleep I did not--I watched a special on the Kennedy Family. Oh did I mention I work my graveyard shift tonight. Sleep is vital. As soon as that ended Alivia woke up and did her usual woke up Austin and the day began. While I was up sorting laundry Alivia was watching cartoons down stairs. It was quiet for awhile and I checked on her a few times. Well I heard her walking around down stairs and asked her what she was doing and she yelled "No" to me --That is code for pooping. So I ran downstairs (because she is now in big girl panties) and tried my hardest to stay calm. There was poop everywhere. the rugs, her dress the bathroom floor, her panties of course. The only place there wasn't poop was the toilet. I guess I should give her credit cause she did actually pee in the toilet she just didn't poop. Oh did I mention this isn't the poop you can just scoop up and put in the toilet. (At this point I am fuming). Oh ya--there was also poop all over her. So I told her she had to take a bath (she hates bath) So she did her usual cried. I put her in washed her up and cleaned the bathroom up which was made me even more mad. Then Austin woke up. He wanted to eat and he wasn't going to wait so I told Alivia she needed to play while I fed him. (thank goodness for nursing it lets me cool off a little) My mistake I came back to the bath tub and it was red (don't worry) It was her Dora Bubbles. She dumped the whole bottle in the bath tub. (verge of tears). So I told her I was not happy with her in fact I was mad at her and for some reason I was staying very calm. I explained about how the pooping incident made me mad and she just did not get it. She kept pointing out all the bubbles and telling me stuff I didn't want to hear. So then I washed her hair and she cried. I almost cried because there was so much bubbles in the water I couldn't get it to rinse out. She was crying I was getting tense so I got her out of the bath and told her to go to bed. Then she cried cause she didn't want to go to bed (could you blame her-she just woke up). So I said fine. Told her she had to wear pull ups and comb her hair and told her to go watch tv. So I decided at that point to bring Austin up stairs put away some laundry and started blogging. The day couldn't get any worse right. WRONG! The stinking computer took ten hours to get going. I finally got my blank post up and typed two words when here comes Alivia. I could see some type of gloss on her hands and I said Alivia what is on your hands. And she said Lotion--- I said you need to show mommy the lotion. Where is it. So we went down stairs and she went to the cupboard under the sink. It is locked I promise. I open the cupboard and there are the bubbles opened. So I assume bubbles not so bad, till she points to the ant poisoning. TEARS!!!!! I started crying I was at the end of my rope. Washed her hands and fast as I could and called poison control. Don't worry she will be fine. She was a little traumatized by my reaction though so she cried too. Well here I am barley 1230 Austin in bed and Alivia is playing with her doll on my bed --I AM SO TIRED OF THIS DAY!!! Sorry for how long this is --if you read the whole thing. THANKS!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Family Reunion Part 2 (Lagoon)

On our way home from the reunion we made a few pit stops. One being this gorgeous waterfall and then other Lagoon.
After a little photo op -- we headed over to Lagoon. Cody's bright idea. We all had a blast though. I was a little hesitant payin 21.95 for a 2 year old to go to a big theme park. I didn't think Alivia would even give the rides a chance but she proved me wrong. She had a great time and enjoyed

Austin too enjoyed himself. He kicked back in the wagon and just went along for the ride. As long as he was fed when asked he didn't complain to much.
Here is Alivia on the cars. She loved this and did it twice. She loves to drive and is always told No, but this time she had full control (or so she thought)!

The swings were Alivia's favirote ride We went on them twice. The first time I was nervous since it was Alivia's first time ever on a ride--It was fast and I kept worrying. Who was I kidding I was prepared to yell to the attentendant when needed but Alivia proved me wrong and loved it. She was all smiles and kept yelling hold on tight mommy (which was what I was repeating over and over before the ride started)!!!
This was Austin the majority of the day. It was quite hot so we got rid of his clothes and just let him relax in a diaper. He loved it.
Well that is the end of our vaction that was of course like always way toooo short. So until next time.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Family Reunion Part 1

Reunion Time. This last weekend we went to Eden Utah (wolf Creek) for Mitch's family reunion! It was so much fun. Mitch's mom is #5 of 11 children whom were all there. Then there were tons of grandkids and great grandkids. It was a lot of fun to see everyone and get to know new ones. She is armed and loaded. This was quite fun to watch. They had marshmallow guns for the kids to play with. Alivia's marshmallows didn't go far but she still had fun.
Alivia also enjoyed making herself a visor with a fish and pretty flowers.....
along with a gorgeous bracelet.
Mitch enjoyed shooting marshmallows at passer byers. I think the adults had a little too much fun with the marshmallow guns!
And during this fun day at the reservoir Austin spent most of the day doing what he does best!
After the fun filled day we headed back to our beautiful condo's and took some family pictures than headed to the pool before dinner time. It took Austin a little getting used to!
Alivia however jumped right into the kiddy pool and swam like an old pro!! Mitch took Austin to the big pool and he loved it. His swim diaper was so big that it just floated so Mitch held his head and Austin just relaxed !Here is are little family ! Alivia wasn't happy cause it was time to get out and go to dinner. The reunion was fun and unfortunately I forgot my camera a lot. So those are about all the pictures I had. It was so much fun to see all of Mitch's family and there was a lot!!! Until next time!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Here are pictures from our weekend!!!

Remeber Us!!!

I don't know if you remember but we made a post back when Austin was born and some friends of ours had a baby the day after. So here is Austin and Alexis now 2 months later. They have grown some but Austin is still quite a bit bigger.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Growing Fast

Yesterday was so fun. I was in the bathroom getting ready and Austin was in the hallway sitting in his bouncy chair. Normally he just hangs out there till he gets tired! But, yesterday I could hear the rattle on the chair. I assumed it was Alivia, but I looked around the corner and it was actually Austin punching it. He was starring right at the toys and getting so excited about them. I have been waiting for him to react to the toys it was so neat. So here is a video of him in the chair talking. He wasn't grabbing for the toys anymore. It seems like once you get the camera out they stop, but he was still being a chatter box so I thought I would post it!