Thursday, January 29, 2009

Confessions of a 3 Year Old Drama Queen

This is what comes with being so independent. I tried to help her she wasn't having it. She wanted to do it on her own. She usually dresses herself daily -- she was just struggling with this shirt. Poor girl -- and then here comes mom shoving a camera in her face~ that only fueled the FIRE!!!
*Don't mind the hair we hadn't gotten that far yet!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Liv's Birthday


Sorry these are a little late. Alivia had a wonderful birthday. It was filled with lots of friends and family (some surprise visitors too)! She was spoiled.

Her birthday was on Friday and so we actually just went to lunch with grandma Cindy and Kristina to celebrate that day. Here are some pictures of her and Austin right before we went.

Then that night Alivia and I went and saw Madagascar 2 for her birthday--she had a lot of fun!

On Saturday we just did party preparations all day and that night we had so much fun! Thanks to everyone who made it!

Here is Alivia with her friends Kamryn and Kylie (it was also Kylie's birthday)

Grandma Cindy, Grandma Letty and Abby
Cody with Hailey and GraysonPapa Rick with our surprise visitor Uncle Paul from CDA (Spencer and Cory came too)
GavinCarterLittle brother Austin having fun at his big sisters partyJessi and Kelly enjoying their cupcakes!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Check Up's

Sorry no pictures this time just some fun news!! We went to the doctor for Alivia's 3 year check up and Austin's 9 month check up. Both kids are growing good and are very healthy!!! Alivia was a hoot. Our shy child is definently coming out of her shell. We couldn't get her to stop talking. Uh oh -- she may be following in her mother's footsteps there. Anyhow Alivia weighed 30 lbs and was 36 inches. Austin was 21 lbs and 30 inches. He is definently slimming down as he ages. He is very mobile. He is constantly moving. They both recieved one shot. Alivia went first and I had prepared against everyone elses advice. I just told her when the doctor was done a nurse was going to give her a shot with some medicine that would keep her from getting sick. She was so excited (weird I know) Then I told her she would get a bandaid (which she is obsessed with) and that if she was good she could go to Arctic Cirlce and play on the toys. I felt a little dumb the doctor asked her what kind of food she liked to eat and she said Chicken Nuggets and Arctic Circle. I explained we were going there today but she eats other things --he just laughed. Anyhow all in all I have two beautiful healthy children.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday (Finally)!

(Sorry bear with me this is a little long but mostly pictures--Enjoy)
I don't know why I have been so excited for this birthday, but I am!! It is crazy that Alivia has been in my life for 3 years now. It is such a short time, but I can't remmber it any other way. I love her so much -- I love her beauty, I love her personality, I love how she lets me sleep when I am tired, I love that she was an easy first baby, I love how much she loves her baby brother and her friends. What can I say I love everything about her. She is such a special little girl. Here is a look back on the past three years that we have spent with her and got to know her and I am look forward to our future!!! I am so blessed to have her in our eternal family.
Januray 16, 2006

7:15 pm

8 lbs 3 oz 21 inches

Alivia has not always been a fan of taking a bath until recently!

Alivia with her dog Gizmo

Alivia on her 1st birthday!

I know we are mean parents--but mom had to have a picture of her with the Easter bunny!

Alivia with her best friend Kamryn!

Alivia with her favirote cousins!!! Our trip to Lake Powell - something we will always remember

I think this is everyone's favirote picture with Mitch and Alivia!!(makes me want to cry)

Alivia on her 2nd Birthday!!

This picture was in my grandma's local paper!!

Alivia with her best friend again!!

Alivia with her new baby brother -- I cannot even begin to tell you how good she is to him!!

Alivia started dance class this last year and loves --it has been so much fun to watch her!!
Our little princess! I am so excited for this next year!!

Happy Birthday!! We love you more than words can express!
Love Mom,Dad, Austin and Gizmo

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Ok don't ask me why I am so excited. But I almost cried tonight over this---Austin has his first tooth. The way I reacted you would have thought he said his first word. But no just a tooth. I think maybe I am so excited because now I kind of have a reason to quit nursing. I am kind of attached to him and need to wean him a little but have just been hanging on for as long as possible but it looks like our run may be over!!! I love him so much!! So anyway that is all just thought I would let you all know!!! (No you can't see his tooth in the picture so don't try looking--I will get one soon for you)!
Oh -- for those of you who are wondering Austin pooped out his dime last Friday!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

She's good!!

So Alivia wanted to feed Austin so I put them in the chair together and went to switch the laundry --

I came back and was sitting on the couch folding it and Alivia says "shh mom" I looked over and he was asleep so she slowly pulled the bottle out of his mouth and handed it to me.

She is going to be such a good mom some day.
** I threw this picture in just for laughs the camera caught Alivia at the wrong time but wouldn't that had been cool if they had both fallen asleep. Yeah right in my dreams.